The Asset/Development Section is responsible in the continuous improvement strategies of all the aided schools around the country. The encompasses ECE, Primary, Special Education, and Secondary schools through the provision of grants to assist improvement of physical facilities and equipment, especially in the learning environment, for the realization of the national goals of education.

  • The Unit facilitates the payment of lease premiums for new leases and renewal of leases in consultation with the lessees, TLTB and the Department of Lands.
  • The Unit also facilitates the requests for establishment and registration or recognition of schools from ECE Centres to secondary schools.


  • The Unit also monitors standards in schools and facilitates capacity building for teachers, school managements, and the community on Education in Emergencies/Safer Schools and prudent financial management measures.
  • Standards of infrastructure in schools are also monitored for the provision of conducive learning environments for quality service delivery.


  • The Unit is also responsible for ensuring disaster preparedness in schools and managing risks emanating from emergencies and disasters that directly or indirectly affect children’s education.
  • Reduce children’s emergencies and disaster vulnerability through systematic response planning and effective mitigating strategies.
  •  Conducting Safer Schools against Disaster in Education training to management and school heads whilst encouraging disaster risk education in the school curriculum.
  • Coordinating the Ministry of Education’s Emergency Operation Centers during emergencies and disasters.