The core functions of the Curriculum Advisory Services is to provide, facilitate, support  and promote quality in the curriculum preparation and excellence in supporting the teaching and learning of the key learning areas (subjects) offered at ECE, primary and secondary levels. In addition, it also ensures the provision of quality, responsive and relevant curriculums for all the children in Fiji.  This also includes addressing curriculum material needs of our local tertiary institutions such as The University of the South Pacific, The Fiji National University, The University of Fiji, The Fulton University College and Corpus Christy Teachers College whom are our teacher education providers in Fiji and in some regional small island states.  Addressing the need to function together as a unit and adequately address all our important stakeholders’ curriculum demands and requests is a huge challenge but the unit has recently fostered and secured a cordial understanding with all tertiary teacher education providers to address this important area of concern.

The specific functions carried off by the different sections of the CAS unit are:



The specific functions carried out by the CDU (ECE, Primary and Secondary) are:
•    Design, develop, and review the primary and secondary syllabi
•    The maintaining of in-service training of school teachers, upgrading them on content and teaching & learning strategies
•    Provision of advice and assistance to teachers through school visits
•    Development of teaching and learning resources through surveys and research
•    Preparation and Moderation of National Examinations (Y6, Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12CE & Y13CE).
•    Research of every curriculum issue that is important for the key learning areas to address
•    Arrangement of proper consultation processes with identified curriculum workgroups such as classroom teachers and other stakeholders
•    Mapping of proper curriculum processes to be followed through by every curriculum workgroups
•    Finalising of curriculum documents for submission and presentation for approval and endorsement within the Ministry of Education curriculum council
•    Presentation of curriculum materials ready for trialing and implementation

Schools Broadcast Unit (SBU)

•    Production of weekly radio programmes for schools that feature advisors of both CDU & TEST.
•    Production of long-term programmes that are aligned to the Fiji National Curriculum Framework
•    School visits to assess broadcast transmission
•    Workshops to familiarise teachers with radio broadcast lessons
•    Production of radio programmes targeting upper primary school children and addressing teenage social problems.
•    Production of video programmes and Digital Visual Devices [DVDs].

Education Resource Center (ERC)
•    Print , stock and supply adequate textbooks, Teacher’s Handbooks, and other educational resource materials, for the successful implementation of the school curriculum
•    Print and distribute Attendance Registers, other cards, forms and folders for efficiency of administration of schools

This section of the Curriculum Advisory Services operates on an overdrive mode as demands for new textbooks, replacement texts from schools plus other texts demands from tertiary institutions  are  communicated to the ERC unit continuously throughout the year.  The unit does its best to ensure all schools and tertiary institutions do get what they request in terms of Fiji’s curriculum documents, text books, and any other materials important for the dissemination of curriculum knowledge to students in schools and tertiary institutes.