Libraries have the intuitive capability of bringing the best out of people with the provision of resources that will enhance and empower individual knowledge. With this in mind Library Services are committed to the following roles and responsibilities:
  • To provide communities with relevant and adequate resources that will enhance the learning capability of individual, in light of this, Library Services supports and encourages lifelong learning through activities in their various branch libraries across Fiji.
  • To provide a free public, community and school library and information services to meet the literacy, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the people of Fiji.
  • To complement the formal education process through the integration of library resources in the teaching and learning process in schools.
  • To assume most of the functions of a National Library Service through the provision of a responsive library and information services.
  • To coordinate annual events and provide greater awareness to the general public and communities at large on the importance of literacy, libraries and information in Fiji.
  • To facilitate:
  • Policy development, programme planning and evaluation
  • Planning and coordinating development of public, community, special and school libraries
  • Collecting and developing a national collection of reference resources including materials of national heritage.