The Primary Section of the Ministry of Education is responsible for the provision of basic education to all in Fiji in partnership with its stakeholders. It is responsible for planning, co-coordinating, implementing the education policies pertaining to primary education, pre-schools and special education and also the teacher training institutions for primary school teachers.
We are specifically tasked to conduct and deliver education services to the following: Pre-schools, Primary and Special Schools for children with special needs and  students in the years of compulsory schooling (Year 1 to Year 8]
The specific functions include the following;
Provision of Primary School Teachers
Administration of Primary Education
Administration of Grants and Funds
Provision of advisory services

Administration of Primary Education

  • Liaison with school managements on appointment of school heads.
  • Liaison with funding agencies for school Improvement and Monitoring.
  • Identifying schools for upgrading and downgrading.
  • Advertising vacant positions and filling the vacant posts through normal processing procedures
  • Upgrading of boarding schools.
  • Review of the capacity of teacher inputs
  • Provision of Primary School Teachers
  • Status and Forecast of teacher wastage, recruitment on Temporary, Temporary Relieving [Maternity Relieving] and Contract Conditions.
  • Provision of appropriate staff to all Primary schools and Special Schools.
  • Provision of pre-service teacher training.
  • Confirmation of Primary, ECE and Special Education teachers.
  • Assist the PPU in advertising and processing of Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher positions.
  • Recruitment and appointment of teacher graduates.
  • Provision and implementation of OLPC program in schools

Establishment and staffing of infant and new primary schools