The role of the section is to provide optimal staffing resources for secondary schools and promote a committed and competent workforce. The specific functions of the Section include:

  • Liaise with School Managements on the appointment of school Principals.
  • Facilitates the appointment of new replacement teachers on the exits created in secondary schools.
  • Facilitates the appointment of relieving teachers in secondary schools.
  • Facilitates the transfer of teachers in secondary schools.
  • Ensures and monitors that staffing establishments are within the required specifications.
  • Reviews related regulations pertaining to the administration of staffing in secondary schools.
  • Ensures that tuition fee and per capita grants are distributed fairly and equitably to schools.
  • Facilitates the distribution of remission of hostel fees to boarding schools.
  • Coordinates with relevant sections on issues related to the provision of quality education to children.
  • Monitors service delivery in secondary schools through the various District Offices.
  • Visits schools to evaluate and monitor the work of teachers and school administration.
  • Provides approvals for fundraising, extra classes, Saturday classes, excursions within Fiji and special projects for secondary schools.