The Technology and Employment Skills Training Section (TEST) is responsible for the following:

Planning and Policy
•    Assist in the formulation of the Ministry of Education Strategic, Corporate and Business Plans, in alignment to the Fiji Government national strategic directions and priorities.
•    Develop long and short term plans for the future development of TEST in alignment to the Ministry of Education vision and priorities.
•    Assist in the preparation of the Ministry of Education’s Cabinet Papers and Reports.
•    Plan and prepare budget submissions for funding TEST programmes and initiatives for the enhancement of education and training for students taking TEST programmes.
•    Liaise with other NGO’s and government departments in promoting partnership in the development of technological knowledge, skills, values and attitude for students in schools.
•    Conduct research and survey for new initiatives related to the general development of TEST.

Management of TEST Staffing
•    Appoint and post new TEST teachers under the current staffing establishment policy and transfer serving teachers between schools upon request in line with the Ministry‘s procedures and guidelines.
•    Assist in the merit analysis of staff applying for vacant TEST posts.

Management of Curriculum Services
•    Assist in the design, development, review and implementation of the Fiji National Curriculum Framework and related documents.
•    Assist in the design, development, review, implementation, testing and monitoring of TEST curriculum.

Provision of Advisory and Advocacy Services
•    Conduct visits to schools for advisory, outreach and TEST promotion.
•    Plan and conduct/participate in professional development for TEST staff at HQ.
•    Conduct induction and professional development for TEST teachers through trainings and workshops.
•    Assist teachers acquire further training to upgrade qualifications and skills.
•    Prepare materials and participate in advocacy programmes.

Management of Assessment
a) School Based
•    Review assessments for schools
•    Verify Year 9  Class Based Assessment
•    Moderate Years  10, 11, 12 & 13 Internal Assessment [projects and tasks] raw marks
b) External Examinations
•    Extrapolate and forward assessment marks for students sitting external examinations.
•    Selection of examiners, preparation of examination blueprints, moderation and review of external examination papers.
•     Selection of markers and attend markers meetings.

Monitoring of TEST Centers
•    Visit TEST centers for feasibility studies, monitoring of programmes and counseling of teachers
•    Assess school needs based on Termly Department Reports submitted from each school

Management of Funds and Resources
•    Conduct market research, analyse quotations, purchase and issue of equipment, tools and other teaching and learning resources to school.
•    Management and distribution of in-centre grants to vocational centers and preparation of acquittal detail reports.

•    Attend to the general administrative needs of the Ministry particularly on matters relating to the development of TEST programmes.